#1 Search Maid Online or be Notified

Employers are able to search thousands of verified skilled maids profiles online that matches their selection criteria 24/7 without waiting. In case your ideal maid is not available, the employer will be notified once new and matching maid registered online. We have hundreds of maids registering daily so finding that ideal maid now possible.Learn More


#2 Easy Documentation with e-Contracts

Not sure of what documentation needed to hire your ideal helper, our e-contracts will automate the forms and comtracts according to Singapore law in English and helpers native language.Learn More


#3 Pay according to your Needs

See our online step by step guide to applying and issuance of your helper work pass to work in Singapore legally. Still unsure or no time to do it by yourself, engage us and simply relax at home for the arrival of your helper. We will constantly update you of the progress.Learn More

Your Main Message

The maid employment business which traditionally engages a licensed maid agency as the intermediaries in hiring the helper for the employer by charging placement fee to the helper of 2 to 7 months of helper’s basic salary and agency fee plus other hiring costs to the employer from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Despite engaging maid agency, and making all these payments statistics on MOM website is showing most if not all, maid agencies are having low retention rate of maids at below 50%. So why pay and get less than quality and satisfied services?

Skilledmaid.com uses internet technology to disrupt the maid employment business by making the complex process of hiring helper simple and direct without engaging maid agencies.

Helpers will be able to constantly update their profiles and job preferences online and be searchable by employers 24/7. Employers will be able to update their family profile and job requirements as they progress through the different stages of family life and needs. Our intelligent matching software allows helpers and employers to be notified of each others availability ahead of time, and allowing the whole hiring process to kick in to find that ideal match. Even if you are catch with last minute contract termination by employer or helper, Skilledmaid.com will also be able to find and match urgent requirements on the fly.

Once a match is made online, employer and helper may move onto the next stage of engagement – video or phone interview to verify helper capability and employer job scope and renumeration. Once the match is finalised, both helper and employer will need to sign the employment contract and other forms as required by regulations. Employer may opt to engage Skilledmaid.com in providing the necessary documentation. After signing is done, employer will apply for the helper work pass, and once approved, to purchase medical and hospitalisation insurance for the helper, and proceed to issue her work pass. Again, employer may opt to engage Skilledmaid.com.


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